Those who own luxury vehicles, such as German engineered BMW, Audi, Mini Cooper, and Mercedes -Benz, usually bring them to the dealership to ensure they are repaired correctly, and only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are used. Some prefer to do business only with the dealer, while others may think they have no choice. Some repairs and diagnostic tests, like electrical system testing, computer programming, and control module replacement, were considered issues that only the dealer could handle. That may have been the case in the past, but owners have a few more options now.

There are repair shops that specialize in services, maintenance, and repairs for high-performance luxury vehicles. Computers and diagnostic equipment are the same that can be found at dealers, and only OEM parts are used. There will be no lower-quality parts that can sometimes effect engine and operating performance. BMW has a Service Technician Education Program (STEP) that includes training technicians to complete bmw service norwood, as well as providing hands-on experience. Factory training is updated via seminars to keep technicians up to date with the latest technology and advances used in the current model year vehicles. These repairs and services are often more competitively priced then at dealers, and can be more convenient, depending on location.

Those trained to complete BMW mechnaic in Norwood, Massachusetts, for example, also serve owners in Boston, Medfield, Canton, and Westwood, among others. That lessens the demand on the dealers, and provides scheduling options for owners. Loner cars and other customer services add to the convenience of the repair centers. Services can include scheduled maintenance, inspections, and pre-purchase evaluations. Basic services like wheel alignments, battery service, minor engine repairs, and heating or air conditioning system repairs. More complex repairs are also completed, such as diagnostics for the emission control system, and repairs for brakes, steering, suspension, exhaust, and cooling systems. Transmission repair and replacement, collision repair, and automotive detailing are also available. basically any repairs or services needed can now be completed outside the dealership.

It is important to look for specialized shops that hire ASE Certified Technicians to complete the work. A general shop that claims to be able to work on foreign cars may not have the experience to complete repairs right the first time. There is a big difference between fixing a BMW three months ago, and working on them every day. The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) provides certification to technicians who have completed courses of study, and passed rigorous testing. Topics vary, and include Advanced Engine Performance Specialist. Course work consists of classroom time, and many hours of hands-on training.